Collaborations - Well Water Finders

Well Water Finders is a small business with cool technology and we are open to collaborations with water well drillers, municipalities or anyone who has an interesting idea who can benefit. If you have a project or business proposal, let us know! For instance:

  • If you’re a water well driller and want us to do some pre-qualifications for your clients before you bring your rigs out, we can help.
  • If you have a 5,000 acre oil and gas lease and you want some discovery sampling done every five miles, we have the technology for oil and gas down to 6,000+ feet depending on geology.
  • If you’re a municipality and think you may be running out of water because the local aquifer is depleting, we may be able to find you another water source.
  • If you’re looking for a cave or cavern on your land, or some other feature that’s important to you, give us a call.

Contact us to get started!