Equity Crowdfunding Update

Equity Crowdfunding Update - Well Water Finders

In the last year, Well Water Finders™ has worked on properties totaling more than 111,800 acres. Currently, we're performing these surveys manually. Imagine how many landowners we can help find water with an automated survey system, more units, and more teams spread all across the country!

Well Water Finders is currently exploring equity crowdfunding to support our mission to provide water to all people by re-inventing how groundwater is accessed. With your help, we believe that we can make a significant shift in the success rate of accurate water well drilling locations. With the patented EM Locator Technology, we are able to identify the location of aquifers down to 5,000 feet and provide the results in minutes. 
Andrew and Teisha Vandekop - Well Water FindersWith groundwater supply depleting, and the demand for water increasing, it is critical that we are able to discover and access water at new depths and new locations. Your assistance could help bring our vision for automated survey deployment to life and make a real difference in the number of landowners we are able to serve.
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Andrew and Teisha - Water for Earth
Andrew and Teisha Vandekop
Well Water Finders, LLC.