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Oil and Gas - Well Water Finders

Curious to know if your property has oil? Well Water Finders has the technology to help! Seismic surveys are the main tool that oil companies use to evaluate the presence of oil and gas deposits. However, it is very expensive and it can take months to get the results. Our patented technology can let you know if there are signs of oil and gas under your property. It's cheaper, and quicker - making it the perfect advantage to consider before an expensive seismic survey is performed. Here are some ways we can assist:

  • Discovery Sampling - We can take readings once every half-mile to determine if there are adequate signs of oil and gas to justify a seismic survey on the property.
  • Depletion Surveys - We can take readings every 6-12 months to monitor levels at the target area.
  • Workovers - If a producing well suddenly develops a problem, we can give insight into its current state.
  • Prevention of Loss - If a neighboring property is actively pumping and you are not receiving any compensation, they may be drinking your milkshake!

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Our Technology Can Determine if You Have Oil on Your Land - Well Water Finders