How much does it cost for Well Water Finders to survey my land for water?

There are 2 steps to every Well Water Finders survey:

     1. Step One: On-Site Pre-Assessment We charge $500 for an on-site pre-assessment visit to your site to help us create the quote for performing the underground imaging survey on your site. This includes:

  • A site visit where we both walk the property together, making sure I understand all property lines, easements, and terrain. 
  • A discussion about your water needs on the property. 
  • Research of locally drilled water wells in your area.
  • Research of local water utility companies that have facilities in your area.
  • Research of common geological formations in your area.
  • A formal quote to perform the underground imaging survey.

     All of these steps are required to provide you an accurate survey quote. To schedule your On-Site Pre-Assessment, click here

     2. Step Two: On-Site Underground Imaging Survey and Final Report: We charge, on average, $400 per acre and the survey can normally be completed within 30 days of your on-site pre-assessment (weather permitting). After our on-site pre-assessment, we will provide you a written quote. 50% of that total will be due prior to scheduling the survey and the other 50% will be due after the final report is delivered to you and I walk you through the results. We will e-mail you invoices directly for the services provided in Step Two.


Let's say you would like Well Water Finders to determine if there is a good location for a residential well on your 9-acre property. The cost would breakdown like this:

     1. You would pay $500 for the pre-assessment of your property. After we complete our analysis (including a physical site visit), a formal quote of $3,600 would be provided to you. To see an example of a pre-assessment report, click here.

     2. If you would like to move forward with the survey, $1,800 would be due upon scheduling the survey, and the other half would be due upon delivery of the final report. I will schedule a phone call with you to walk you through the results. To see an example of a final report, click here.

     In this example, the total cost of the entire 9-acre project would be $4,100 ($500 + $1,800 + $1,800). If you only want to test one acre, the total cost of the entire 1-acre project would be $900 ($500 + $400).

Why do you charge $500 just to create a quote for surveying water under my land?

Every piece of land is different and every landowner has different plans for their property. Our goal is to provide you an accurate price to perform a survey on your land. To do this, we need to be able to perform a physical walkthrough of your property, understand your property lines and the kind of terrain we will be working in. We will also want to discuss with you the areas that are best suited for a possible water well, and areas that should not be be evaluated.

Before we meet, I'll be reviewing any reported local area water logs, determining if nearby properties have wells, and creating a thorough understanding of the opportunities in-and-around your property. Watch our video here that explains this process.

After the $500 quote fee is paid, how long will it be until you schedule your first visit to the property?

Upon receiving the fee, we will be in touch with you immediately to schedule the pre-assessment visit. The walkthrough will be completed within 30 days depending on your schedule. There are two pieces of information that we will need from you at this meeting that will be very helpful: 1. A copy of your last real estate survey of the property (if available) and 2. A copy of some type of proof that you own the property (a deed, a tax record). 

What are the typical costs of the actual survey?

Around $400 per acre. Our normal data collection process involves setting up our equipment in the center of each acre being evaluated. If the ground is flat and accessible by vehicle and only requires one setup, the cost should be around $400 per acre. However, this cost can vary based on terrain and accessibility and type of water needed for the property. For instance, locating a site for a shallow 6 GPM residential well will be a lot less complicated and time-consuming than finding a suitable area for a 30 GPM agricultural well. However, after the walkthrough is completed, a firm quote and a formal Test Plan will be provided.