Buying Land

Buying Land - Well Water Finders

If you’re thinking about buying land in rural Texas to build your dream home, Well Water Finders can help make sure if there is adequate well water under the property to meet your needs.

Before you make your offer on the land, you'll need to find out if it is served by a water utility. If not, you're going to be drilling a well. The average rural water well in Texas is about 600-feet deep. To drill down to that level, the average cost is about $33,000. However, if the driller hits a dry hole and there’s no water, they’ll have to try again in another spot. And perhaps again, continuing until they find water. This can get very expensive as you’ll pay for each attempt, even if they find no water at all.

Here’s why our invention is important: with our patented technology and for a fraction of what drillers charge, Well Water Finders can survey the land (with the property owner's permission) and pinpoint exactly where groundwater is located so you'll have a good understanding if water is present under the property, and a high-level estimate of the cost to put in a well for water. Watch our video to understand the benefits of our technology and click here to get started!