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Hi! We're Andrew and Teisha Vandekop, the Well Water Finders! Our family has been in the development of groundwater location technology for more than 20 years. Our original focus was to identify groundwater so it could be more accurately discovered by water well drillers. However, with the recent increase in droughts and water shortages, our focus has shifted to a dual-function system that allows both identification of water for extraction and the mapping of sub-terranean layers so aquifers can be recharged with harvested rainfall. In January 2024, Well Water Finders was selected to join Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), the deep technology incubator at the University of Texas at Austin. This year, our focus is working on manufacturing units so we can serve communities across the world.

Franz and Andrew Vandekop - Well Water Finders
Franz Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Our journey began when Franz Vandekop, (Andrew's father and an electrical engineer) and Andrew (a robotics engineer), created the initial system. It was Franz who patented, developed and manufactured the first solid state over the horizon positioning system used by NOAA, the military and oil companies before the availability of GPS. With this expertise, Franz and Andrew set out to create a system that could fit in the back of a trailer and detect subterranean formations. After years of field tests and using the system on a variety of terrains, they were awarded two U.S. patents. Teisha then created Well Water Finders - addressing critical groundwater challenges in real estate, agriculture, ranching, municipalities, and beyond.

Well Water Finders was recently named a Semi-Finalist for the Pepperdine Most Fundable Companies List and in April, was named a Semi-Finalist for the Climate Tech Prize at the 2024 EarthX e-Capital Summit. In January, the company was selected as a portfolio member of Austin Technology Incubator - the deep tech incubator at The University of Texas at Austin. Last October, the Well Water Finders technology was featured at World Water-Tech North America and the tech was also honored in March as a Land-Tech Accelerator by the Realtors Land Institute. Introduced as a new portfolio member of Capital Factory in May, Well Water Finders is working towards manufacturing units for direct lease worldwide.

Teisha Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Teisha Vandekop, Founder | COO

Teisha is the founder of Well Water Finders and created the company as a way to share their patented technology with landowners - to help them determine if they have sufficient groundwater under their property before they spend thousands of dollars to drill a water well. She has spent the last three years working with realtors, developers, water well drillers and landowners to determine the groundwater potential for properties. Teisha was recently selected by the Womens Founders Network as a Top 10 Finalist for the 12th Annual Fast Pitch Competition happening in October. Prior to this, she spent several years as an executive vice president at one of the world's top PR agencies, executing new product introductions for Fortune 100 companies. 


Andrew Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Andrew Vandekop, Inventor | CEO 

Andrew began his career in robotics engineering and sold his first patent at age 29. He's been in new product development his entire career and has applied these skills to three additional patents. During the time he spent field testing the Well Water Finders prototype, he served as a founding team member of a telecom start-up that went public on the NYSE in 2006 for $410 million.

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Andrew Ross Vandekop II - Advisor

Andrew 'Ross' Vandekop II | Advisor

Ross is an attorney with a keen eye for nuance and a sharp mind for strategy. He provides invaluable guidance over the ever-changing political landscape and acts as a mediator and decision-maker for the long-term goals of the company. He regularly advises on regulatory compliance, data and business privacy and executive team strategy.


Britton Jones | Advisor

Britton Jones | Advisor

Britton is a skilled electrical engineer and a key contributor in guiding the advancement of our sensor technology. He provides insights into cost-effective components, integration compatibility as well as insights into emerging trends that will be incorporated into future iterations of the system.


Victoria Jones | Advisor

Victoria Jones | Advisor

Victoria is an insightful communications professional with a deep understanding of market strategy, brand awareness and customer acquisition and retention. She provides vital recommendations for messaging based on market analysis and the ever-evolving needs of customers and stakeholders.


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