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About Us - Andrew and Teisha Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Hi! We're Teisha and Andrew Vandekop, the Well Water Finders! We use our patented EM Locator Technology system to help landowners determine if they have water under their land before they drill a water well - helping to save them money by potentially preventing "dry holes". The landowners then share the data we collected with a water well driller to increase the opportunity to hit water at the right location from the start. We currently work with landowners, ranchers, water well drillers, commercial real estate developers and land investors all across the great state of Texas. We're working towards manufacturing more of our units and expanding our teams so we can serve more communities across the western U.S.

Our journey began more than 20 years ago when Franz Vandekop, (Andrew's father and an electrical engineer) and Andrew (a robotics engineer), created the initial system. It was Franz who patented, developed and manufactured the first solid state over the horizon positioning system used by NOAA, the military and oil companies before the availability of GPS. With this expertise, Franz and Andrew set out to create a system that could fit in the back of a trailer and detect subterranean formations in the elements of water, oil, gas and hardness of subsurface layers. After years of field tests and using the EM Locator Technology system on a variety of terrains, they were awarded two U.S. patents. Teisha then led the creation of Well Water Finders, a service-based company dedicated to helping landowners determine the availability of groundwater under their properties. In 2024, we’ll be expanding the geography we serve and adding a new focus, putting water back into our earth (Water for Earth). We plan to do this by working with municipalities to help recharge depleted aquifers.


Teisha Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Teisha Vandekop, Founder

Teisha created Well Water Finders as a way to share the patented EM Locator Technology system with landowners - to help them determine if they have sufficient groundwater under their property to drill a water well and then giving that information to a water well driller. She has spent the last two years working with commercial developers, water well drillers and landowners to determine the groundwater potential for properties. Prior to this, she spent several years as an executive vice president at one of the world's top PR agencies, executing new product introductions for Fortune 100 companies.


Andrew Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Andrew Vandekop, Inventor and President 

Andrew began his career in robotics engineering and sold his first patent at age 29. He's been in new product development his entire career and has applied these skills to three additional patents including the system developed by EM Locator Technology. During the time he spent field testing the prototype, he served as a founding team member of a telecom start-up that went public on the NYSE in 2006.

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