About Us

Andrew and Teisha Vandekop_Well Water Finders

Hi! I’m Andrew Vandekop and along with my wife Teisha, we’re the owners of Well Water Finders, LLC. Let me tell you a little about our history:

About 20 years ago, my dad Franz came up with the initial design of a system that uses electromagnetic waves to survey water, oil and gas. Along with geophysical research from my mother Bridget, the three of us obtained US Patent No. 6188221.

Andrew, Franz and Bridget Vandekop_Well Water Finders_EM Locator Technology

My parents traveled across the country doing research and development on the system and have conducted numerous site surveys. Together, we formed a company called EM Locator Technology, LLC

About five years ago, we began working with some very talented operations and geophysical experts to improve the system and develop enhanced capabilities. In November of 2020, my parents and I, along with Bob Brook, Alex Dumestre, Dave Ridyard and Juergen Zach were granted US Patent No. 10830915.

In 2021, Teisha and I created Well Water Finders, LLC. Well Water Finders uses the EM Locator technology in Texas to find water and oil and gas. Our office is located at 391 IH 35, in Abbott, Texas. And yes, it is located in the workshop of Backyard Silversmiths, where when we're not locating water, my wife and I create handmade silver jewelry.