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About Us - Andrew and Teisha Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Hi! I’m Andrew Vandekop, the Well Water Finder! Using patented technology invented by my family, we help landowners determine where to drill a water well. It was my father Franz who came up with the initial design of a system that uses electromagnetic waves to find the depth of water under the ground. Thanks to his genius, Well Water Finders can survey your land and pinpoint exactly where water is located to assist a water well driller in hitting water the first time.

It all started about 20 years ago when when my dad initially came up with the design. Along with geophysical research from my mother Bridget, the three of us obtained a US patent (US 6188221) and traveled the country helping landowners find water, oil and gas, under their properties.

About five years ago, we developed enhanced capabilities to map the location and depth of aquifers and ground strata, and launched EM Locator Technology, LLC. In November of 2020, we were granted a second U.S. patent (US 10830915).

In 2021, my wife Teisha and I created Well Water Finders, LLC. We use the EM Locator technology to help people find water and oil and gas. We currently serve the great state of Texas, and are working to serve communities all over the world, helping them find water. 

Andrew Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Andrew Vandekop, Founder & Owner 

Andrew began his career in robotics engineering and sold his first patent at age 29. He has applied these skills to three additional patents including the system developed by EM Locator Technology. During the time he spent field testing the prototype, he served as a founding team member of a telecom start-up. When Andrew takes breaks from helping to enhance the world’s water supply, he enjoys creating handmade silver jewelry and spending time with his family.

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Teisha Vandekop - Well Water Finders

Teisha Vandekop, Founder & Owner 

Teisha began her career in broadcasting and spent several years utilizing her communications skills to execute public relations and visual campaigns for several Fortune 100 companies. Prior to Well Water Finders, she led a regional team of content creators at one of the world’s top PR agencies. When Teisha takes breaks from helping to increase the world’s water supply, she enjoys traveling with her husband Andrew.



Inventors Franz and Bridget Vandekop - EM Locator Technology - Well Water Finders
Inventors Franz, Andrew and Bridget Vandekop - Well Water Finders