Q and A

If I hire you, how long does it take to see the results?

Less than a week. Once we've conducted the pre-assessment, we will work with you to schedule the underground imaging survey. We can average about 6-8 acres of testing each day. After we complete the data collection, we need a few days to analyze the results and provide you with a full report that you can share with your driller. The report will be delivered electronically in PDF format and we can set up a phone call to walk you through the results.

Can you guys really tell if there's oil and gas underneath the land while you're looking for water?

Yes. During our surveys, we will collect data up to 6,000 feet. Most of our focus will be on the first 2,000 feet for finding viable groundwater. However, we will review the other depths to identify if any oil and gas signatures are present. The presence of oil and gas signatures does not mean that they are commercially exploitable or viable. You would need to share our research with an oil and gas expert to determine if any further evaluation of your property should be conducted.

We do use our technology to conduct strictly oil and gas surveys. The approach and testing sites are set up just a little bit differently than for water surveys. To see what we can do in the oil and gas sector, click here

Will the report include an exact yield of what we should expect if a water well is drilled?

No. Our report will provide information on the location of water underneath the surface of your property, but will not include yield. Well flow water rates are dependent on several factors which cannot be determined by our analysis such as the type of subsurface material being penetrated, the well pumping equipment, the speed with which the subsurface water regenerates and other factors which cannot be controlled. Because of this, we do not guarantee a specific water flow yield will be generated from a well you drill based on our report. 

Where do you provide your services?

Currently, we serve all of Texas but if you are located in a nearby state, please contact us! We're always up for nice road trip :).

I have a heavily wooded property with thick brush. Can you survey in that environment?

We can drive our technology equipment anywhere that is accessible by you. If you can drive your vehicle through a section of the property to a small clearing where we can set up, then we can access it as well.

Do you offer refunds? What if I can't make the scheduling work?

If you purchase a survey and change your mind, we will be happy to offer a refund if you contact us within 24 hours. After that, we've already started analyzing data and researching your property so we can't offer a refund at that point but we will certainly work with you on scheduling the site visit at a time that is good for you.

What happens if I hire a driller to drill based on your report and they can't find enough water for a suitable well. Do I get my money back?

We are proud of our technology. However, if your driller can't find enough water for a suitable well, please provide us documentation that they drilled at the exact longitude and latitude we provided in our report, and we'll provide you a refund of that acre's site survey ($500). We are not responsible for any other costs you may have incurred.

I’m looking to purchase a piece of land. Can you help me make sure there is water on the land I intend to purchase?

We can help if the current owner of the property hires us. Well Water Finders only works with the landowner.

Do you also drill groundwater wells?

We can help you understand where groundwater is located on your property, but we are not water well drillers. We can refer you to well drillers in your area.

Could a survey ever be cancelled by you after I've paid?

Yes. If for any reason we feel the site is unreachable, unsafe, or if we have a scheduling conflict, we'll cancel the appointment and give you a full refund.

Do you help detect water leaks? I think I have a water leak under my house.

Most water leaks in-and-around your home should be reviewed by a plumber and/or call your insurance company. Well Water Finders specializes in finding natural water in the ground to help with agricultural needs or new construction.