Q and A

Where can I buy or rent a Well Water Finders unit?

We're in the early stages of manufacturing right now. We will be sending out email updates on the final capabilities and pricing as we get closer to completion. If you'd like to receive periodic updates of our progress, enter your email below.


Will the reporting include an exact yield or GPM of what we should expect if a water well is drilled?

We are working on an advanced unit that will report a GPM range. This report will provide information on the location of water underneath the surface of your property and an estimate of the potential flow rate. It's important to note however that well flow water rates are dependent on several factors which cannot be determined by our analysis such as the type of subsurface material being penetrated, the well pumping equipment, the speed with which the subsurface water regenerates and other factors which cannot be controlled. Because of this, we do not guarantee a specific water flow yield will be generated from a well you drill based on the reporting.  

To learn more about our vision for the new units, read here.

What happens if I hire a driller to drill based on your report and they can't find enough water for a suitable well. Do I get my money back?

We are proud of our technology. However, if your driller can't find enough water for a suitable well, please provide us documentation that they drilled at the exact longitude and latitude we provided in the report, and we'll provide you a refund of that acre's site survey ($500). We are not responsible for any other costs you may have incurred. 

Do you drill water wells?

No. We can help you understand where groundwater is located on your property, but we are not water well drillers. We can refer you to well drillers in your area.