Well Water Finders - Helping Rural Texas Landowners Determine Where to Drill a Water Well

Meet the Well Water Finder!

Hi! I’m Andrew Vandekop, the Well Water Finder! Using patented technology invented by my family, we help landowners determine where to drill a water well. It was my father Franz who came up with the initial design of a system that uses electromagnetic waves to find the depth of water under the ground. Thanks to his genius, Well Water Finders can survey your land and pinpoint exactly where water is located to assist a water well driller in hitting water the first time.

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Collaborate With Us!

Well Water Finders is a small business with cool technology and we are open to collaborations with water well drillers, municipalities or anyone who has an interesting idea who can benefit. If you have a project or business proposal, let us know!

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Oil and Gas

Seismic surveys are the main tool that oil companies use to evaluate the presence of oil and gas deposits. However, it is very expensive and it can take months to get the results. Well Water Finders patented technology can let you know if there are signs of oil and gas under your property. It's cheaper, and quicker - making it the perfect advantage to consider before an expensive seismic survey is performed.

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Examples of our work!

Well Water Finders has conducted water location surveys, oil and gas surveys, and even determined the location and depth of caves!

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Equity Crowdfunding Update!

Well Water Finders is considering launching an equity crowdfunding campaign to support our mission to provide water to all people by re-inventing how groundwater is accessed. With your help, we believe that we can make a significant shift in the success rate of accurate water well drilling locations.

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