Well Water Finders - Helping Rural Texas Landowners Determine Where to Drill a Water Well

Meet the Well Water Finders!

Hi! We're Andrew and Teisha Vandekop, the Well Water Finders! We use our patented EM Locator Technology system to help landowners determine if they have water under their land before they drill a water well - helping to save them money by preventing potential "dry holes". We currently work with landowners, ranchers, water well drillers, commercial real estate developers and land investors all across the great state of Texas. We're working towards manufacturing units available for sale across the U.S.

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Collaborate With Us!

Well Water Finders is a small business with cool technology and we are open to collaborations with water well drillers, municipalities or anyone who has an interesting idea who can benefit. If you have a project or business proposal, let us know!

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Examples of our work!

Well Water Finders has conducted water location surveys for individual landowners, commercial development, golf courses, vineyards, and even determined the location and depth of caves!

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If you are visually impaired or would just like to discuss our system or schedule a test of your property over the phone, please call us at 214-864-9197 - we'd be happy to help!