Unique Benefits


What makes the new Well Water Finders system so useful?

Well Water Finders has created a system that accurately locates groundwater down to 5,000 ft. in minutes.

Our technology is ideal for real estate developers, the agriculture industry, ranchers, rural municipalities and emergency management agencies in communities all across the world. Whether you're an individual that needs to drill a water well for your property, a company that wants to reduce its water footprint or a town that needs another water source for its citizens, the Well Water Finder will be the start of your journey to water independence.

Well Water Finders - Groundwater Survey System Unit



We are currently working on a design that will be made up of two stackable boxes (similar to suitcases) and can store easily in most vehicles. 

Well Water Finders - Groundwater Survey System



We envision that capturing data with our newly designed survey system will be as simple as placing one box at the target location and the second box nearby. You'll be able to activate the system using your own laptop with our downloaded software.



Well Water Finders_Data Review



See the groundwater located at various sites in 10 ft. sections. Whether you plan to use a water well to support a house or a large-scale pivot farm to water crops, our system indicates the ideal location and depth to drill a water well.



Well Water Finders_Rapid Data Collection



From setup to data collection, we are designing a system that we anticipate will provide results within 10 minutes. This would mean on a large property, you could collect data on more than 30 sites a day.



Well Water Finders_Detects Groundwater Levels Down to 5000 Ft



Using our patented technology, we were able to independently identify the Maverick Basin Aquifer, located in Texas, down to 6,500 - 7,000 ft. Click here for more details and a video!




Well Water Finders_Identifies GPM




Not only can our system determine the location of groundwater, it will also be able to let you know the approximate gallons per minute - helping you understand if the water available is enough to fulfill your water needs.


Well Water Finders_Insightful




Our patented tech enables us to generate aquifer mapping models, helping to visualize the potential for a property.




Well Water Finders_Locates Best Place for Aquifer Recharge



The system not only tells you where water is currently located, but the new version will also be able to tell you areas where harvested rainwater or stormwater could be stored if it was fed down from the surface. This functionality is critical to designing sustainable alternatives to deep wells.