Groundwater Location Technology

Well Water Finders_Patent_Groundwater Location TechnologyThe Science. The Results.

The patented Well Water Finders survey system sits on top of the ground and sends a series of pulses into the earth. These pulses agitate the non-solids under the surface and create a unique electromagnetic signature which travels back up to the surface for the Well Water Finders to collect and review. The focus of this application is to find both the depth and activity/movement of water under the surface down to 5,000 feet. Active water means high replenishment rates and a sustainable water well. Well Water Finders Groundwater Location Data

Know Before You Drill - Well Water Finders

The Sustainability Impact.

It takes a lot of energy to pump groundwater from a well. Aquifer levels are dropping and the amount of energy needed to pump the water out of the ground is increasing every year. Finding shallower water will reduce energy consumption.

The Audiences. The Benefits.

Prospective Land Buyers Helps determine if there is adequate groundwater to meet their needs before purchase.
Ranchers Helps find additional water resources for livestock when current wells and stock ponds run dry.
Developers Helps determine if the property can support large-scale commercial development.
Well Owners Helps determine existing water levels and can monitor depletion over time.