Our Work

Well Water Finders has conducted water location surveys, oil and gas surveys, and even determined the location and depth of caves! Here are some examples of our work and the goals of the projects.

Our Work - Well Water Finders


Garland County, Arkansas: Property owner wanted to determine if a neighboring cave system extended under his property. We were able to confirm its existence and depth, which was approximately 80 ft. below the surface.


Hays County, Texas: Assisted property owners to determine the best site for a residential water well. Identified bands of water between 600-800 ft for their new home.

Hill County, Texas: Developer needed a high volume of water to support commercial buildings. We determined a robust aquifer at 1,000 ft. which would be suitable for his commercial needs.

Hill County, Texas: Helped realtor confirm that water was present on a tract of land for prospective purchaser. We confirmed water was available beginning at  less than 500 ft.

Navarro County, Texas: Confirmed for new land owner that water was available for his family's vacation home at 400 ft.

Golf Courses

Travis County, Texas: Assisted owner of golf course with determining how far the water levels have dropped below an existing well.


Dona Ana County, New Mexico: Landowners property consisted of layers of basalt in mountainous areas. We were able to penetrate through a 100 ft. layer of basalt to help find water for his cattle.

Oil & Gas

Hancock County, Mississippi: During a workover, an aquifer layer was punctured. Our study gave the new current state of oil, gas and water levels at the target area.

Sublette County, Wyoming: Assisted a well owner in completing a gas depletion survey for 7 sites.